Wednesday, March 28, 2012

KREATTIV PROJECT at San Anton School

Kreattiv project

San Anton School – senior sector


Alison Zammit Endrich


We started the project by inviting all the students in the senior sector to introductory sessions with the practitioners, professional Elisa von Brockdorff and Gilbert Calleja. We had a big response from the students so we had Gilbert come in to meet the grades 8 and 9 (forms 1 and 2), he addressed 22 students and Elisa met with the grade 10s (form 3s) a total of 25 students and finally both practitioners met with the grades 11 and 12 (forms 4 and 5s) approximately 30 students. Considering that we held these sessions during break, we were extremely satisfied with the overall attendance.

We introduced the theme of FACES, PORTRAITS, EMOTIONS AND EXPRESSIONS to the students so that they could start experimenting at home, with their own cameras. We organised a photography competition and invited the students to send in their best three photographs, the deadline of which was the 24th February. We received about 50 pictures and Elisa chose the best 4. We will be awarding these students a digital camera each. Neil, our graphic designer will be producing a photomontage with all the entries.

After the first introductory sessions with the practitioners, we organised photography workshops at school. We gave the grades 8, 9 and 10 (forms 1, 2 and 3) disposable cameras and took them to Imselliet valley on one day and to our Nature area on another day. We bought 15 disposable cameras and divided the students in small groups. Elisa gave them a few hints on how to use the cameras, and they enthusiastically experimented with different emotions and expressions. The results were very good and a group of grade 10 students made 2 photo collages from all the photos taken during these sessions. With the grades 11 and 12 (form 4s and 5s), we organised a workshop in the art room, providing them with all sorts of props. We provided a camera for those who did not have their own. The workshops were extremely successful.


In this Famous Portrait photography workshop Elisa and I looked at Famous Portraits and chose 8 to be reinterpreted by the students. Van Gogh – a self-portrait, Matisse – portrait of a lady with a green stripe, Caravaggio – Judith killing Holofernes, Boy with a basket of fruit, Bachus, Vermeer – the girl with a pearl earring and Frida Khalo – a self portrait. Together with a group of students I chose 8 students to be the models. We looked at expressions and facial features and with a small amount of face paint and a few props, the students were transformed into these characters. This was another very successful workshop. Elisa took the photos, while the students were involved in staging them, helping with lighting, make-up, props and poses. They were also appreciating History of Art. We will be printing and framing these famous portraits

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